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China Ultrasound Machine TC-220 TIANCHI Price

Tianchi ultrasound machine uses the light touch key,it is easy to operate,convenient to carry and with high accuracy,displaying by super large screen.It is suitable for the diagnosis of pigs, horses, cattle, sheep, cats, dogs and other animals.The B ultrasound produced by Tianchi can realize real-time,freeze,store,callout,flip up and down, flip left and right and large-capacity movie playback of the image.It has the functions of multi-level scanning depth, dynamic range, frame correlation coefficient adjustment and focus number, and focal position adjustment.

Company:Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Tel:+86-371-56788280 +86-18903712477
what's app:tianchiydg

Probe:3.5 MHz Mechanical sector
Displayed Depth (mm):60—190
Maximal detect depth(mm):≥140
Blind area (mm):≤8
Monitor size(inch):5.0 TFT-LCD
Display modes:B,B+B,B+M,M
Gray scales:256 levels
Image multiplying factor:*1.0,*1.2,*1.5,*2.0
Image storage:128-frame
Measuring functions:Distance,circumference,area,heart rate,gestation age
Battery capacity:2200mAh
Mainframe power:13W at non-charging operation/25W at charging operation
Adapter power consumption:45W
Character display:case history number,age
Faked color display:Gray,red,yellow,blue

Portable veterinary use b super use method:
1. Do not place the instrument with generators, dentistry, radio, etc., as this will interfere with the image.
2. Before use, you must carefully read the instruction manual of the veterinary B-ultrasound and operate it strictly according to the requirements.
3. During the operation, do not unplug the probe. To protect his surface, the coupling agent can be rubbed on the surface of the probe to make the tested animal and probe have good contact.
4. When testing cattle and horses, the staff should also learn to rectal examination and increase their practical experience. Only those with rich practical experience can skillfully operate B-ultrasound. Thereby ensuring the normal use of the B-ultrasound.

Henan Tianchi is a manufacturer specializing in the production of ultrasound machine.The product TC ultrasonic system is derived from the latest generation of digital system structure and can provide high quality two-dimensional images.Compared with the traditional desktop and portable black-and-white b ultrasound, the handheld b ultrasound is more small and convenient.Animal b ultrasound is favored by livestock industry because it is easy to carry and has high accuracy.