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Veterinary Ultrasound Machine TIANCHI TC-300 Manufacturer In Czech Republic

TIANCHI Veterinary Ultrasound Machine uses the techniques of computer control and digital scanning converter(DSC), digital beam synthesis(DBF), real-time dynamic aperture imaging(RDA), real-time dynamic sound velocity change track(DRA), real-time point-cutting dynamic receiving focusing (DRF)and so on. The whole machine image is clear, stable and has high resolution.The Veterinary B Ultrasound produced by Tianchi has four kinds of display modes:B,B+B,B+M,M,using 5.6-inch TFT-LCD display and programmable device and surface installation technology. The whole machine is smalland light.

Company:Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Tel:+86-371-56788280 +86-18903712477
what's app:tianchiydg

Probe:7.5MHz Linear Probe/6.5MHz Linear Rectal Probe/3.5MHz Convex Probe/5.0MHzMicro-convex Probe
Monitor:5.0 inch TFT-LCD
Display modes:B,B+B,B+M,M,4B
Gray scales:256
Image permanent storage:64 frames
Cine-loop:≥400 frames
Scanning depth:70mm-240mm
Image conversion:up/down,left/right
Body marks:16
Image process:Faked color,gray calibration,image smooth and histogram.
Frequency adjustment:3
Frame correlation adjustment:Support
Measuring functions:Distance,circumference,area,volume,EF rate
Output report:Support
Output enterface:USB2.0;Video(PALD, NTSC)
Time to empty:>3 hour

Animal B Supercomputer Introduction
1.The instrument uses microcomputer control and digital converter (DSC), using digital beam synthesis (DBF), real-time dynamic aperture imaging (RDA), real-time dynamic sound velocity tracking (DRA), real-time point-by-point dynamic receive focusing (DRF) and other technologies. The machine image is clear, stable and has high resolution.
2.It has four display modes: B, B+B, B+M, and M; it can realize real-time image, freeze, enlargement; medical record number, age, gender annotation; distance, perimeter, area, volume, heart rate and pig, horse, cattle Gestational age measurement of sheep, cats and dogs; image gray scale 256 levels.
3.The combination of the AC adapter and the built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, three battery charging modes, and a special power-saving mode make the battery last longer.
4.With a 5-inch TFT-LCD display and programmable device (FPGA) and surface mount technology (SMT), the unit is small and lightweight.
5.PAL-D video output. Has a mouse interface.
6.The hand-held structure of the injection molded case facilitates the diagnosis of large animals and small animals.
7.The instrument consists of a host, a probe, and an adapter. Standard S3/3.5MHz waterproof mechanical fan sweep probe.
Scope of application
It is suitable for the diagnosis of animals such as pigs, horses, cattle, sheep, cats and dogs.

Henan Tianchi is a manufacturer which specialized in the production of Veterinary Ultrasound Machine, our product host machine warranty for one year,the probes warranty for two years, battery warranty for six months.We create user profiles for each customer and enjoy lifelong technical services.