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TIANCHI handheld diagnostic ultrasound TC-210 Manufacturer in MC

Full digital ultrasonic diagnosis system is used in handheld diagnostic ultrasound. The ultrasonic system originates from the latest generation of digital system structure and can provide high quality two-dimensional images.The handheld diagnostic ultrasound by Tianchi has two kinds of power supply: AC and DC. It is equipped with large capacity lithium ion pluggable battery and supports working for more than 4 hours.Compared with the traditional desktop and portable black-and-white b ultrasound,it has a hand-held appearance design and a variety of patented technology. The handheld b ultrasound is more small and convenient.

Transportation and Storage
1) Environment requirements on transportation and storage
(1)Environment temperature range: -5℃— +40℃
(2)Relative humidity range: 10%—100%
(3)Atmosphere pressure range: 50KPa—106KPa
2) Transportation
Signs on the packing box conform to Iconograph and sign of packing, storage and transportation(GB/T191-2008). Simple shockproof establishment is fitted within the box, which applies to aviation, railway, highway or steamship transportation. Keep dry, avoid inversion and collision.
3) Storage
(1)Equipment should be taken out from the packing when storage time exceeds six months, power on it for four
hours, and then pack it correctly and keep it in a warehouse. The device must not be piled, and do not place it closely against the floor, walls or roof. 
(2)Keep it well ventilated, do not expose it to strong sunlight or caustic gases.

To ensure operational safety and long-term stable equipment performance, please read this operation manual closely and understand the device functions, operation and maintenance at all points before operating the device, especially contents of "Warning", "Caution" and "Note". Misoperation or inobservance of the instructions given by manufacturer or its agents may result in device damage or personal injury.
The following convention works through this manual to lay special emphasis on some information.
"Warning": Neglect of it will cause severe personal injury, death or estate loss.
"Caution": Neglect of it will cause slight personal injury or property damage.
"Note": To remind user of installation, operation or maintenance information. This information is very significant but with no risk. Any warning against dangers shall not be contained in NOTE.

Henan Tianchi is a manufacturer specializing in the production of B ultrasound, with complete product models and provide 8 colors of pseudo-color for users to choose to set up to meet the needs of different applications. Animal ultrasound has now gone from simply seeing images to being able to store data, measure backfat and eye muscles, and so on, and it's not complicated at all.