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Polyurethane Vibrating Screen Mesh

Polyurethane Vibrating screen Mesh come in fully welded, partially welded and rectangular welded variations. The brightly coloured material is lightweight and smooth, which makes it much easier to handle when delivering, storing, installing or removing and possesses a longer wear life than higher tensile woven wire.

The polyurethane screens last over twice as long as traditional woven wire mesh. The performance is different from traditional wire, rubber and poly screens due to a combination of the poly/wire construction and the fully/partially weld features.

Along with a longer lifespan, Tufflex also makes less noise than its wire counterpart, with less sound emanating from clashing objects on the screen.

Tufflex produces less pegging and blinding, particularly amongst its range of partially welded screens, as the secondary vibration effects, along with the smooth finish of the poly, and the movement between wires can stop material from staying on the surface.

The aperture shapes are similar to woven wire, square or rectangular, and the construction varies with either fully or partially welded. The aperture range is 1.5mm to 45mm, with a wire rope diameter range from 1.5mm to 12mm, with custom-made rectangular slots as fine as 0.7mm wide.


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