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1. You use (the site) at your own risk, you agree to indemnify www.ascendtrade.com also known as (the site (the site) its owners, operators, employees,hosting providers or other individuels or entities, from any and all losses resulting from the use of the site, either financial or other losses. (The site)and client agrees that it will act in good faith at all times with respect to any billing for subscriptions, originating from the site.

2. You agree that litigation or arbitration-mediation, is not allowed and surrender any such rights by using the site, you also agree not to engage or assist 3rd. parties in doing so, upon discovery of any of the above, the parties must be instructed to cease and desist.

3. In the event that litigation or arbitration-mediation is allowed by law, you agree to refund all fees incurred at the time of occurrence, without limitation to (the site) its owners-operators or other individuals or entities involved in such actions. Including any lost revenue or profit. All future lost revenue or profit and revenue or profit lost from damage to its reputation.

4. Prohibited items: the following items are prohibited, live animals,Dead Animals, Any Product made from any type of Animal or Animal Part`s, palm oil, or insect in violation of any international treaty,when buying or selling anything it must be legal to do so in both countries.No adult related items. Food items that are not distributed by a authorized-licensed distributor, manufacture, retailer, sales agent, grower-farmer ect.

5. Military items: guns, selective fire, fully automatic, semi-automatic, single shot, revolvers, black powder, or non firing imitations or toys, are prohibited.

6. Military items: explosives, or explosive projectiles, and the equipment necessary for their use.Live Ammunition .

7. Information collection or use: we do not allow the collection or use of personal-corporate data about the site users for any purpose, other than that which is intended by the site, meaning international trade and related activities. Email or other information is not allowed to be harvested either by automation or manually as well as url`s. What might be termed "spam" is email not related to the site or it`s intended purpose is explicitly not allowed.

8. ( The Site ) only collects information about its clients, as needed for the operation-security, and use of the site, we do not distribute information about our clients either, publicly or privately, if information is distributed it is only demographic in nature, with nothing personally identifiable.

9. Prohibited use of ( The Site ) any illegal activity, including but not limited to: copyright or trademark infringement, economic-industrial espionage, trade secrets or the theft of proprietary information.

10. Any disruption or attempt at disrupting the sites activities, or gaining access or attempting to gain access by any means, to the sites control panels. Any alteration of the site.

11. ( The Site ) at its sole discretion may impose a monetary or other penalty for violating ( rule. 10 and 7 )

12. ( The Site ) is not responsible for any down time or loss of service.

13. ( The Site ) makes no guarantee of the sites suitability for your product or service.

14. ( The Site ) is not responsible for the security of your username or password, this is solely the responsibility of the client.

15. ( The Site ) will only provide non public information to law enforcement agencies-personnel, either foreign or domestic, when issued a court order requiring such information.

16. ( The Site ) may modify the terms of service at its own discretion.

17. ( The Site ) will notify its clients 10-days in advance of any fee changes at it`s disretion, either by posting the changes on the site or by email or both.

18. ( The Site ) reserves the right to refuse service to anyone or entity at its own discretion and the right to delete or cancell any posting without recourse at the site`s discretion.

19. ( The Site ) only allows one user per account, you may not post ads for other individuals or entities, except if you are authorized by the individual or entity to act on their behalf

20. ( The Site ) does not allow any get rich quick schemes,mlm,network marketing,affiliate marketing or informational or digital products.